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Tri-State 1st Responder Rodeo - June 11, 2022

What a great event this #fundraiser turned out to be! I can not share how much our #Team enjoyed this very #1stTri-StateRodeo and in our hometown region we serve... It all started with four men devoted to their careers in Public Safety and their struggles often with finding themselves or their fellow constituents the funding or equipment to ensure the safety and training they so desperately deserved. If that wasn't enough, take on a large event like a Rodeo... Add limited vendor and sponsor support, and a dash of three months to plan it all!

Overall, we closed out with these stats for our Valued, Cherished New Found Friends. We had generous Sponsorships totaling $22,560.00 and we had expected to fill up the Fairground Property with approx. 1500 people... HaHaHa, boy did we not expect to see a final attendance count of 4800 People and gate funding received a total of 27,450.00! I really spent that evening back at our campsite thanking God for a safe event that brought happiness and joy to all of those who came out to enjoy a live event with us... I hears so many overwhelming statements like, "This was the best 15.00 I have ever spent." and "I can't wait for next year!" We brought visitors in from as far south as Lexington, Ky - as far east as Columbus, OH and North as far as South Bend, IN and certainly as far west as Terra Haute, IN! Wow, to think you all made this possible! I, on behalf of our board, can only say thank you and encourage you to work with us any way you know how to make next year even more of a success... Get Involved, I challenge you all to donate either time, or search your hearts to find a little extra change in your pockets to keep this event an annual awaited event we can all be a part of...

Last but certainly not least, If you would like to Sponsor an event or Be A Big Part of Our 2023 Rodeo and Concert Event... Message us and Let's Talk!

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